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The British Motor Heritage, Austin Healey, MG and Triumph Logos used in this catalog are Trade Marks of British Motor Heritage Ltd. The logos are used with their license under their special approval program. Applications listed are based on original factory information. However, variances will occur due to non-documented substitutions and changes made during the vehicle production.

What Our Customers Are Saying

78 Spitfire
My wife and I bought our little ’78 Spitfire last November for $2000. It was in great shape mechanically, but had been a well-loved daily driver for over 30 years and the interior and paint were showing their age. We took it on ourselves to restore the interior using lots of part and pieces from Victoria British. It turns heads wherever it goes, and it goes everywhere. We are spending our spring and summer going to a different drive-in every weekend, taking the most rural country routes we can find. The adventure is getting there, and we’re loving every minute on the road. Scott and Buffy B. - Nashville, TN
78 MGB
Parts at Victoria British Ltd. are reasonable and the memorable experiences our family has had in our '78 MGB are truly priceless. Donna W. - St. Joseph, MO
1972 MG Midget
I restored a 1972 MG Midget in 1988 with almost all Victoria British parts. It is essentially stock but I have plans for a hotter engine, a hardtop, and rollbar in the near future. I had a Bugeye and a '68 Sprite back in the 70's but was away from sports cars for almost twenty years while I did the usual job advancement, buying a house, having children, and moving across the country. Once we settled down in Georgia and my son was old enough to be some help, I searched for another Midget to restore. It was a great father-son project and we both have a car to be proud of. Proud we did it together and proud of the way it turned out. Victoria British parts and service made it all possible and relatively painless. Thank you. Robert S. - Sharpsburg, GA
1966 Sunbeam Alpine
My '66 Sunbeam Series II Alpine was delivered to me in Hong Kong in 1968. I had it painted champagne gold in 1988. Thank you for keeping me in spare parts all these years, it still runs great! Cecil H. - Vancouver BC Canada