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Convertible Tops by Robbins

Convertible Tops by Robbins

1953-62 TR2 3
1961-67 TR4 4A
1967-68 TR250

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Convertible Tops are designed for easy installation and original fit. Quality preshrunk, waterproof material finished in continental crush grain leatherette is used. All seams are stitched with Dacron thread and dielectrically heat sealed into the tops. The plastic windows are certified AS6 and are also heat sealed into the tops. All fasteners necessary for proper installation are supplied. Installation instructions are included for your convenience.

Robbins Everflex Biscuit Convertible Top is made from British Everflex Vinyl imported from England. Everflex is a vinyl with a rich appearance on tan cotton backing. Made to match your biscuit interior.

INSTALLATION TIP FOR FASTENERS: Take a piece of chalk and coat the top of the fastener which is installed on the vehicle. Place the Convertible Top in position and stretch the material to the proper placement and push in against the fastener you covered with chalk. The chalk will leave a mark on the Convertible Top where the fasteners are to be installed.

Tension straps are not included nor are they available. You must transfer your original straps to the new top. Retainer bar and header rails are not included.

ZRW = Zipper Rear Window

Made in America

"A": #9-339 black/black no ZRW no reflective strip.
"B": #9-340 black/black ZRW no reflective strip.
"C": #9-349 black/black ZRW with reflective strip.
Make: Triumph
Model: TR2, TR250, TR3, TR4, TR4A
Year: 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968

9-334-BB CONVERTIBLE TOP-BLACK 2 53-55 (1) 369.95   ADD TO CART
9-335-BB CONVERTIBLE TOP-BLACK -TS22013 3 55-57 (1) 369.95   ADD TO CART
9-336-BB CONVERTIBLE TOP-BLACK 3 57-62 (1) 369.95   ADD TO CART
9-337-BB CONVERTIBLE TOP-BLACK 4 61-65 (1) 359.95   ADD TO CART
9-338-BB CONVERTIBLE TOP-BLACK 4A 65-67 (1) 349.95   ADD TO CART
9-339-BB CONVERTIBLE TOP W/O ZRW BLACK 250 "A" 67-68 (1) 349.95   ADD TO CART
9-340-BB CONVERTIBLE TOP ZRW BLACK 250 "B" 67-68 (1) 369.95   ADD TO CART
9-349-BB CONVERTIBLE TOP STRIP ZRW BLK 250 "C" 67-68 (1) 529.95   ADD TO CART
9-340-TT CONVERTIBLE TOP ZRW TAN/TAN 250 "B" 67-68 (1) 369.95   ADD TO CART
9-4340-BS CONVERTIBLE TOP-ZRW EVERFLEX BS 250 67-68 (1) 379.95   ADD TO CART