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Flame-Thrower™ Electronic Distributor

Flame-Thrower™ Electronic Distributor

1962-67 TR3B 4 4A

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Now you can have a brand new distributor with the reliability of a modern electronic ignition but without the high cost of billet. These new cast distributors are built with the performance proven Ignitor electronic ignition system, and the advance curve has been optimized for performance and drivability. Distributors include the cap and rotor. The driving dog is already attached and there are only two wires to connect for a quick and easy installation. Use with part #10-538 or #10-539 Flame-Thrower™ Ignition Coil for best performance.

Flame-Thrower™ Distributors fit specific positive or negative ground models; check yours before ordering. If your car has been converted from positive to negative ground, you will need to order the negative ground distributor.

Flame-Thrower 40,000 Volt 3.0 Ohm High Performance Coil - The higher voltage allows larger spark plug gaps for added power, smoother response and better fuel economy. Available in chrome or black and fits existing brackets. They are oil filled for better cooling and voltage insulation.

Make: Triumph
Model: TR250, TR3, TR4, TR4A
Year: 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968

10-518 ELECT DISTRIBUTOR-POS GROUND -3B 4 4A 62-67 (1) 249.95   ADD TO CART
10-519 ELECT DISTRIBUTOR-NEG GROUND -3B 4 4A 62-67 (1) 249.95   ADD TO CART
10-538 FLAME-THROWER COIL - CHROME - 3B 4 4A 250 62-68 (1) 48.95   ADD TO CART
10-539 FLAME-THROWER COIL - BLACK - 3B 4 4A 250 62-68 (1) 44.95   ADD TO CART