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3-In-1 Clutch Kits

3-In-1 Clutch Kits

1975-81 TR7 TR8

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Plan ahead! Pulling an engine costs money and takes time. Why not replace ALL 3 clutch pieces ... Cover, Disc, Release Bearing ... at one time? You extend the life of your clutch system thousands of miles and save yourself the repeated hassle of replacing each piece.

Think about it! A 3-In-1 Clutch Kit is a better buy than each piece bought individually! Buy a 3-In-1 Clutch Kit today and save your time and money.

#4020 is the 5 speed 3-in-1 Clutch Kit and will serve as a heavy-duty 4 speed application.

"A": #4020 is the 5 speed (heavy-duty) replacement for a 4 speed.
Make: Triumph
Model: TR7, TR8
Year: 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981

4-020 3-IN-1 CLUTCH KIT - "A" TR7 75-81 (1) A 179.95   ADD TO CART
4-021 3-IN-1 CLUTCH KIT TR8 80-81 (1) 329.95   ADD TO CART