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Austin Healey History And Information

Date Information
Mar, 1953 First Austin Healey 100 BN1 model car built at Longbridge, 2660cc 4 cylinder engine, 11" drum brakes front and rear, 48 spoke wire wheels, 3 speed side shift transmission with overdrive, 2 six volt batteries, positive ground, 2 seater, no door handles
Feb, 1954 Body changes for new rear leaf springs.
May, 1954 Hood changed to steel from aluminum.
Aug, 1955 First BN2 model car, off center shift 4 speed transmission, self parking wipers. 100M model offered with factory fitted 'Le Mans' engine kit, louvered aluminum hood, leather hood strap.
Aug, 1956 Last Austin Healey 100 produced.
Aug, 1956 First 100-6 BN4 model, 4 seater, 2639cc 6 cylinder engine, 2 port cylinder head, two H4 carbs, dual exhaust, rear axle tie rod, horizontal wavy grille, air intake on hood, 4 seater models used a single 12 volt battery in the trunk.
Oct, 1957 6 port cylinder head, 2 HD6 carbs.
Apr, 1958 First BN6 2 seater model car.
Mar, 1959 Last 100-6 model produced.
Mar, 1959 First 3000 Mk1 model, BN7 2 seater, BT7 4 seater, larger 2912cc 6 cylinder engine, front disc brakes, disc wheels standard, wire wheels optional.
Mar, 1961 First 3000 Mk2 model, three HS4 carbs, vertical bar grille, seat belt mounting points added.
Aug, 1961 Brake vacuum servo optional.
Nov, 1961 New center shift transmission.
Feb, 1962 First BJ7 model, 4 seater, two HS6 carbs, roll up windows, vent windows.
Mar, 1962 2 seater BN7 model discontinued.
June, 1962 4 seater BT7 model discontinued.
June, 1963 Wire wheels changed to stronger 60 spoke wheel.
Oct, 1963 First BJ8 Mk3 model, 4 seater, two HD8 Carbs, new dual exhaust with rear mufflers, brake vacuum servo standard, wire wheels standard for USA, disc wheels optional, wood dash, center console added.
Nov, 1963 Last BJ7 model produced.
May, 1964 New rear suspension, rear axle tie rod dropped, radius arms added, 8 tpi coarse thread wire wheel hubs, push button door handles.
Mar, 1965 Separate amber turn signals front and rear, rear reflector moved from body to bracket attached to bumper.
Mar, 1968 Last BJ8 model produced.