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Carburetors - WEBER DCOE

Carburetors - WEBER DCOE

1956-62 MGA

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The Carburetor with a Reputation

The DCOE WEBER Carburetor Conversion Kit is a Pure Power performance product with a Grand Prix Racing Heritage. This gives you the opportunity to have racing quality carburetion for your MGA. This kit is pre-assembled and ready to bolt on.

The DCOE is the ultimate carburetor because it can be tweaked to perform on the street as well as on the track. With a 45mm diameter barrel, ball bearing throttle shafts, piston-type accelerator pump circuits and infinite tuneability with interchangeable calibrated parts, it can be tailored fit to full race use, or tailored to street use.

WEBER DCOE Carburetors are not compatible with vacuum advance distributors, therefore, distributor should be recurved for all centrifugal advance.

WEBER DCOE Carburetor Conversion Kits contain: DCOE Carburetor, intake manifold, velocity stacks, LONGFLO Air Cleaner and installation instructions. This kit comes pre-assembled and ready to bolt on.

High-performance conversion on an engine of less than excellent condition may aggravate existing weak link defects. Be sure that your ignition, timing, compression and bearings are all up to factory standards.

No engine modifications are required for installation.

WEBER DCOE Carburetors DO NOT Fit the Twin Cam MGAs.

Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.

Make: MG
Model: MGA
Year: 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962

3-404 45 DCOE KIT-SINGLE CARBURETOR MGA 56-62 (1) 833.95   ADD TO CART