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Interior Kits & Components For Your MG, Triumph, Austin Healey, & Sunbeam.

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Interior Upholstery Installation Guides

The most intimidating, complex appearing and actually the simplest part of your vehicle is the interior upholstery.

No timing lights, gapping tools, torque wrenches, oscilloscopes or brain surgeon capabilities are required ... No paint booths, hydraulic car lifts or NASA clean rooms are needed ... No grandmother with an industrial sewing machine, or esoteric heat sealing presses are required for you to do-it-yourself. Basic hand tools you probably already own, or can borrow from a friend or dad, will help you get the job done. A garage would be nice but an interior can be installed in an apartment complex parking lot ... you should pick one in the shade. Seats can be removed, taken indoors and reupholstered in the middle of the winter.

The interior components in these kits already have all of the seams, flutes, grooves and patterns made into them. You just remove, dismantle and reinstall.

This is the one part of a car that generates the most attention if it is done right. Doing it right is the way we wrote this special section to assure you that "you can do it". The magic of an interior is having all of the correct components ... and these kits do! ... Why you should do-it-yourself ... because now you know you can!

Remember, if you don’t have the time, buy the kit and take it to a professional upholstery shop. You know what the finished job will look like before it’s done. These kits make upholstery shops look good.