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MG History And Information

Date Information
July, 1962 It all begins. BMC B series 1798cc engine 18G, banjo rear axle, positive ground.
Feb, 1964 Closed circuit breathing. 18GA replaces 18G engine number.
Sep, 1964 18GB five main bearing engine series introduced with standard oil cooler and electric tach from chassis #48766.
Mar, 1965 12 gallon fuel tank replaces 10 gallon from chassis #56773. Door handles changed to pushbutton type.
Oct, 1965 GT coupe version of MGB introduced from chassis #71933.
Nov, 1966 Front sway bar on Roadster from chassis #108039.
1967 Reverse lamp - Roadster from chassis #100414, GT from chassis #106928.
1967 Tube rear axle on the Roadster from chassis #129287 (wire wheels) and #132463 (disc wheels). Tube axle used on the GT since introduction.
Oct, 1967 MK II MGB introduced from chassis #GHN-4-138401 on. Features dual brake master cylinders, negative ground electrics, alternator and all synchro transmission. Automatic transmission offered as option.
Sep, 1970 New recessed grille used through the 1972 model year. Air pump standard, new convertible top, courtesy light.
Oct, 1971 MK 3 introduced from chassis #258001 with 18V engine number.
1973 New black faced grille, heated rear window standard on GT, from chassis #294251, black wipers from #296001.
Sep, 1974 74-1/2 model introduced, black soft nose front and rear bumpers, raised height, single Zenith/Stromberg carburetor, single 12 volt battery, servo assisted brakes and catalytic converter for California models.
Dec, 1974 GT withdrawn from the US market.
June, 1975 Overdrive standardized as optional equipment.
Aug, 1976 Thicker sway bar front, rear sway bar standard, 2 electric cooling fans, gear lever OVD switch, sealed cooling system.
Oct 24, 1980 MG production ceases at Abingdon as plant closes.